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AED 200



The teaching profession has rights and responsibilities much like any other profession. Keeping in mind that obtaining a teachers license is a privilege not a right, and maintaining that privilege is up to the teacher. One way to do this is to become aware of the necessary conditions to become employed and to keep that employment. This will include what rights you have under your contract as a teacher with tenure or if you are still working to that goal. Knowing that just because you have tenure and have more stability in your position as a teacher there are still things that can be considered a firing offense. Become informed on the specific rules for bargaining and the right to strike in your area. Above all else the main responsibility for any teacher is to maintain a safe environment for their students to not only learn but grow as individuals.

As a teacher I have the responsibility to teach my students while maintaining a safe learning environment, this includes both physical and mental safety. The best way to do this is by clearly posting and discussing the rules and rights for students in the classroom, and the consequences for breaking them. Giving this same information in handout form that needs to be signed by parents and students will ensure that everyone knows what is to be expected of them. This will influence the students’ rights by letting them know that even with the right to free speech, there is a time and place for everything. Although every student has the right to an education, if one student becomes disruptive enough to threaten the safety of the classroom removal of that student may be necessary. It is unfair to the other students who adhere to the classroom policies to be punished for one student’s misconduct. In this situation I feel it is fair to infringe upon the one students rights for the sake of the learning...

References: Johnson, J. A., Musial, D., & Hall, G. E. (2005). Introduction to the Foundations of American Education (13th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.
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