Advocacy Plan

Topics: Education, Multilingualism, Language immersion Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Advocacy Plan: Case A
Bilingualism and being culturally diverse is an important part of education and society as well. Being an EC-6 Generalist with an ESL certification, I fully support the implementation of some sort of bilingual or ESL education in every school. America has overcome the racial segregation of the past and has accepted that we are a ‘melting pot’ of diverse cultures and that we’re all contributing members of society. However, within the education system, parents and some teachers forget that by ruling out bilingual/ESL programs and replacing it with English only programs; they are creating segregation amongst the immigrant students. In this advocacy plan, I will state my plan of action through gradual stages of inquiry, consciousness, critique, vision, and action.

Firstly, I will recognize the issue by making sure that it is a problem that can be solved reasonably. The problem in this case is that the parents are not aware of the benefits of bilingual and ESL programs. Also, as a prospective educator, I will also educate myself with the proper knowledge of all of the benefits, and even some negative statistics of the programs so I can explain both sides of the issue. The problem with this case is that parents want to get rid of the bilingual and ESL programs completely. They are not willing to compromise on the issue and are taking away an important program of the school without knowing all of the benefits of it. Looking at the general picture, the main benefits of bilingual and ESL programs are that they help ELL and LEP students learn English quicker and more effectively by implementing the use of native language, as used in dual language bilingual programs (pg. 228).

Digging deeper, I would conduct my own research on the problem to back up my support for these programs. In the textbook Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, it lists many benefits of different bilingual education programs. Starting with ESL classes first,...
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