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Topics: Early childhood education, Childhood, Employment Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: March 26, 2011


Member of Parliament


I am writing to you about an issue that is of critical importance to the Early Childhood Education field of work in this province.

Early Childhood Educators that are currently in the field include licensed daycares, before and after school programs, programs/clubs/services seeking ECE’s, and soon to be Kindergarten classes in the next 5 years.

Funding for Early Childhood Educators is the issue that needs to be looked at and revised. OCBCC “Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care” held a press conference at Queen’s Park on October 27th, 2010 to address the issue of Ontario’s shortage of ECEs. Tracy Saarikoski, President of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care said “At my child care centre, we have lost qualified early childhood educators to jobs in the retail sector where the pay was higher. We need to make sure we can pay our qualified early childhood educators a decent wage so an early childhood educator can work in the job she was trained for and loves, and still be able to provide a decent income for her family.” This basically means that the time and effort put into the ECE program at colleges is a waste of time and money because the field is not offering fair wages to support it. If retail stores are offering higher wages that almost anyone can walk into, then what does this mean for the field? It could mean less ECE teachers will be in the field, which means staff ratio to children will be lower. In other words it will be very difficult to find child care for children because there are not enough ECE teachers committing to the field. Then, if it progresses this far, parents and caregivers will have no option but to find private, unlicensed care which may not be the safest solution for children.
The “Occupational Standards for Early Childhood...
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