Advocacy Interview and Summary

Topics: Sign language, Hearing impairment, Deaf culture Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: July 17, 2010
Running Head: Advocacy Interview and Summary

Summary of Team D Interview
Kristie Dobb, Veronica Goff, July 11, 2010

One chooses to work in the helping professional because of a passion that one has. Helping others is not also an easy task. At times one is advocates for one stance or many. The best role to play when advocating is the neutral role. However, conflicts can arise when advocating. Determining what is best outcome for the client and the other party involved is using conflict resolution. To obtain a better understanding an interview with Julie Pickering, who works with NIS (Networking Interpreting Services) and does ASL (American Sign Language). Summarized thoughts are drawn from the interview that was taken.

An advocate’s work is never done, and I too would love to be an advocate to help those individuals that cannot help themselves or just need that extra voice heard to get the job done. As Julie showed in the interview as it takes dedication, termination, discipline, and the list goes on and on. Making sure one learns all about his or her job, and do it to the very best of their ability is extremely important. Knowing that what is important as well as what is the best interest of the client or agency, are all important to follow. Signing a very good job, and believe it would be a very rewarding job. Toishauna would want to make sure that people can get all the help they can receive.

Interviewing Julie provided a better understanding of her job and the position that she plays as an interpreter and an advocate. When advocating for the deaf one has to learn patience. Signing takes...
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