Advocacy for the Elderly

Topics: Family, Health care, Elderly care Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: December 24, 2011
Advocacy Public Health Project
Michael Nichols
University of Phoenix
Stephanie Fisher

Advocacy Public Health Project
This paper will attempt to discuss one facet in a public health aggregate, dealing with the care and welfare of the elderly population. The subject interests the student because the parents of the students are reaching this stage in their lives. Many questions come up as a result of their healthcare and healthcare decisions that are made each day or that may need to be brought up in the near future. Having the answer to these questions or at least the information on which to guide the participants, on what is appropriate to ask any answers or help lead to the appropriate actions to take. An estimated 2.8 million baby-boomers will turn 65 in 2011 and face the intimidating job of enrolling in Medicare for the first time. This puts pressure on family caregivers and friends. 43 million Americans provide unpaid care to family members or friends age 50 and older. 64% of these caregivers also manage these friends' or family members' finances. Twenty-six million of these caregivers are full-time workers; that's 16% of the American workforce (Blair, n.d.). Many baby boomers not only need advice the first time they enroll in Medicare but many of them are adult caregivers to their own parent or other elderly family member and face the same challenges when they try to help them review new or existing Medicare coverage, or understand changes from one year to the next (Blair, n.d.). The Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living developed the term person centered living as a reminder that as people get older or are disabled, their feeling of humanity should not be lost. PCL (Person-centered living) means living as one chooses to; in order to do this supports are positioned on personal choices and values that are based on self-dignity (Consumer Consortium On Assisted Living, 2011). Many things younger generations might see as...

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