Advocacy Campaign

Topics: Disability, Sociology Pages: 7 (4544 words) Published: October 28, 2014
u10a1-Advocacy Campaign Project Resource for People With Disabilities for Social Empowerment, Financial Assistance for Education, Provision Maintenance, and Support System Josie P. Smith CST5249 Health Advocacy in the Community Dr. Wendy Killam Capella University Minneapolis, Minnesota September 17, 2010 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to implement an advocacy campaign that will assist adults with disabilities with the necessary resources that will assist them in becoming productive citizens in the community. As children with disabilities, community- based support services are not available after he or she becomes an adult, consequently, there is no information provided to aid them with basic needs such as social empowerment, financial assistance, provision maintenance, and other agencies that will assist them and their families if needed. This paper will also discuss the goals, barriers, and support factors that will assist in this advocacy campaign, as well as the activities that will be implemented along with the necessary resources that are available for adults with disabilities. Introduction, Needs, and Goals A young child who is diagnosed with a disability, alter their familys lives forever. Dealing with the challenges from the disability, families had to rely upon strengths within themselves that they did not know existed. Community-based services for children with disabilities are available until the child reaches adulthood. After the child becomes an adult and wants to pursue a career, they have to pay for it themselves through financial aid or school loans that have to be repaid back once graduation is completed. Some people with a disability cannot drive therefore, it is difficult for them to get out and socialize so they remain confined to their homes without a support system. Advocating for people with disabilities will help them receive community resources as needed that will assist them with their advocacy needs. Disabled people face many challenges in society. There is a great need for advocacy when it comes to assisting these individuals with crises that affects their daily living. The purpose of this advocacy campaign is to educate disabled people and their families about the resources that are available to assist them with their basic advocacy needs. Knight and Oliver (2007) stressed that there is a demand for advocacy for children and young people with disabilities that have difficulty with making important decisions that will affect their lives. The basic needs that hinders individuals with disabilities live a productive life in the community are (1) social empowerment (2) financial assistance for education, (3) provision maintenance, and (4) support systems. Empowerment is described as a person who cannot completely accomplish their goal and become a part of society and, if they are not able to have a say, and take control over their situations regarding their life (Miller, Hinterlong, Greene, 2010). People cannot completely accomplish their goal to be a part of society if they are not able to have a say and take control over their situations regarding their life. Houten and Jacobs (2005) stressed that empowerment cannot take place unless there is active participation in their community and society. However, active involvement of disabled people has not been clear in reality, it is difficult if we take a quick look at the living circumstances and the capability of disabled people. According to Voorhis and Hostetter (2006), social empowerment among social service professionals placed attention on the perception of empowerment among social service professionals, and their responsibility for client empowerment through advocacy. Financial assistance for education to assist people with disabilities will help them further their education after undergraduate because financial aid is no longer available. Boone and King-Berry (2009) asserts that people with disabilities and their relatives have a...
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