Advice to My Son & Ode to My Socks

Topics: Value, Value theory, Love Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: December 6, 2010
I read “Ode to My Socks” by Pablo Neruda and “Advice to My Son” by J. Peter Meinke. In the first reading “Ode to My Socks”, there is a boy who receives a gift of a pair of hand knitted wool socks from a woman named Maru Mori. He is amazed by these socks and describes them as, “Two socks as soft as rabbits”.

As he slips his feet into these magical socks,
“I slipped my feet into them as though into two cases knitted with threads of twilight and goat skin” He feels as if his feet are not good enough to wear such beautiful items. He compares his feet to two long sharks, immense black birds, and cannons. He seems to be honored to wear such socks. In this reading he describes in such wonderful detail how truly amazing these socks made of wool really are. It is as if he puts them on with admiration and great pride. This reading sends out a marvelous message as well, it reminds us that things are not always as good as they may seem; they are better. In the reading “Advice to My Son”, there is a father who is giving advice to his son. This father in the reading basically tells his son to take advantage of the opportunities he is offered in life. It is also a reading about love, the love a father has for his son and all the good things he wants his son to have in life. “The trick is to live your days as if each one may be your last” This father is basically telling his son to live his life to the fullest, to experience all the good and bad things life has to offer one. “For they go fast, and young men lose their lives”

He explains to his son in other words to be careful with the decisions he makes and how he lives his life because there are consequences and making a mistake in a wrongful decision can affect you and your life forever. “But at the same time plan long range”.

The message I get from these two reading are value and love. In “Ode to My Socks” this boy receives a pair of socks which he values a lot, and this value he has for these socks have a lot to do...
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