Topics: Milk, Advertising, Audience theory Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Got Milk?
Advertisements are an efficient way to communicate with a wide variety of people to promote a certain message or product. The purpose of this is to encourage the audience of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on a certain product or idea. One of the advertisements that I have been seeing for a long time is the “got milk?” campaign. They’re a product oriented advertisement, therefore; they don’t advertise a specific brand of milk, for they’re goal is to sell milk itself. They are just spreading out the message that milk is a good source of nutrients for your body and this will help you live a healthier life. The “got milk?” advertising campaigns has changed the perception of milk by presenting it in a way of inspirational use of text, images and color.

Every advertisement has to have some kind of text in it even if it’s just minimal, so that the audience will easily recognize the message or product. In the “got milk?” advertisement their slogan “got milk?” has been used in every ad they have and it implies to the message that they’re sending out to everyone which is reminding people to buy milk, for it is a necessity everyone should have on hand. The slogan is very catchy and easy to remember which makes it very persuasive. Also in they’re ad they always include a short message of why we should consume milk in our body. An example of this is the one from the “got milk?” advertisement featuring Superman. “Super. That’s how milk makes you feel. The calcium helps bones grow strong, so even if you’re not from krypton you can have bones of steel.” The short text simplifies how milk can do good for your body and that we don’t have to be a hero to feel invincible, for that’s why we should consume milk. Even though we’re not from krypton like Superman the advertisement demonstrates that we can still have bones of steel and be strong like him as long as we drink milk.

However the image used in an advertisement is the first thing that...
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