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“Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Trash can be used to describe many things, things like objects dirty or worthless. We rarely think of trash to be used to describe a person for their worth or their looks. The media today tries to portray a “perfect” image of what a person should look like when in reality people are beautiful just the way they are. Nobody is trash.

The advertisement that I choose was one that was promoting Gold’s Gym. The picture was of a black metal trashcan tilted ever so slightly to the left, but standing firmly in powdery whitish yellow beach sand. The trashcans shadow lays to the right of it assuming that it is a little past mid day. The background is bursting with colors ranging from white, blue, and green in the ocean and a baby blue in the sky with wispy clouds barely covering the sky. The main object in the picture is the trashcan. It is a black metal can with a yellow color wrapped around the middle third of it. In the yellow, a text is written in black and it says, “KEEP OUR BEACHES BEAUTIFUL” and in smaller font says, “(and pick up the trash, too).” Finally, on the bottom “Gold’s Gym” is written in bold gold font, on the black trashcan, a little smaller than the other font.

The colors are vivid in contrast, making the picture warm and it creates instant happiness. The bright yellow stands out from the black trashcan causing the observer to first focus on the trashcan and the writing. Once the observer reads what the trashcan has to say, they then look out onto the ideal ocean with the almost perfect sand that looks as playable as a puppy and as soft as a pillow. That is the view of beautiful.

The ad has a double meaning to it. The trashcan is there to keep the beach clean from all the trash. Beautiful. The writing on the trashcan saying, “Keep our beaches beautiful” and then Gold’s Gym advertising written under that is promoting that people go and workout at the gym to be fit. Beautiful.

What is beauty?...
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