Advertising Which Contradicts with the Ethical Norms (Pakistan)

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Advertising which contradicts with the ethical norms

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Table of Contents
Our advertisement attractive or unethical?2
Facts and Figures:3
Unethical visuals:4
Portrayal of west influenced occasions:6
Inappropriate timings:7
Fake and illogical advertisements:9
Daily dose:10


Our advertisement attractive or unethical?

The advertisement nowadays doesn’t seem to target the respective brand’s publicity but are often observed promoting unethical displays. Being particular, the billboards we see by the roads usually have pictures comprising of adultery and controversial statements.

The main objective of this writing is to put in consideration the role of censorship board, the ethical laws of advertisement and its implementation and that the society has never promoted or liked such ads that contradict with its ethical norms.

Facts and Figures:

Talking about advertising and media it is said that advertisement acts as a mirror that reflects the attitudes and values of the surrounding culture but what we see here in Pakistan is opposite to this. The advertisements that are shown on television 24/7 contradict with the social and ethical norms. There has been a 360 turnover recorded in the production and financing of the commercials. A few decades ago we had simple and short ads that were used to focus on the brand and its nature specifically unlike ads today that are more likely to focus on glamour and fake living standards.

Unethical visuals:
The visuals like a group of adult females dancing at a colorful studio with a slogan “MERE DES KA BISCUIT GALA”. From what aspect is that ad representing our country’s culture?

The ad is nothing but a clear exploitation of our women and the culture.

Another such commercial came under the brand name of TARAANG with a slogan of “chae ka sahi jor”

Selling tea with such an ad campaign puts a big question on their marketing management team. By the slogan of chae ka sahi jorh and a visual showing physical intimacy through dance gives a negative image of the brand about what are they actually trying to portray?

Portrayal of west influenced occasions:
The advertising companies are expected to bring out commercials that put a lime light on the practiced occasions in that particular society.

Talking about occasions, we come across marketing campaigns that comprises of ads which highlight occasions that are strictly condemned here in Pakistan. The Cadbury ads on valentines are one such example.

The religious scholars all condemn celebrating Valentine’s Day it is said that it’s against the religious teaching and the sole behind this occasion conflicts with the Islamic teachings. During February we observe major practices like lectures and seminars conducted by the Muslim Alim’s on the awareness, such ads are a simple exploitation that hurt the religious side of every citizen of the state.

Inappropriate timings:
Advertising companies take great advantage of the on-going season if its eid ads that are shown comprises of its specials. Similar goes for the Holy month of Ramadan and even Muharram, these two months Muslims are seen to be busy with worshiping and they refrain from listening to music or such nonreligious acts. Where we come across perfectly portraying the occasion of Ramadan with Olper’s commercials.

On the other hand it seems like occasional preferences doesn’t have any impact on some brands one of which is Qmobile.

Inappropriate dressing and physical intimacy continues no matter what occasion is being held all over the state.

When the rest of the country is busy with their prayers and fasts these people make sure to display such visuals which disturbs the worshipping minds. Fake and illogical advertisements:
As discussed earlier advertisement is considered as the...

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