advertising to children

Topics: Federal Trade Commission, Mass media, Television Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 26, 2014
In 1978, the Federal Trade Commission attempted to ban all television ads directed towards children 7 years and younger. Children are very manipulative and gullible, especially at this young of an age. Studies had shown that children could not tell the difference between a television program and an advertisement/commercial, furthermore they are incapable of truly understanding the real purpose of such ads. “They cannot protect themselves... against adults who exploit their present-mindedness” says Michael Pertschuk, head of the FTC. This act was supported by many credible associations, however the media industry that monopolizes our world today, won this battle as well. The ban was never put in place, infact manipulative cartoons and commercials for kids have only increased and expanded nationwide, establishing a name for their companies in the minds of naive children. I wish oh so badly that this act had been passed. I find it unethical and very disturbing that children have become victim to the ridiculous tactics of the media industry. Just recently, I was reading an article about how cereal brands specifically design the covers so that the eyes of the animated characters are at direct eye level with young kids. They are basically staring down at kids, hypnotizing them, saying “BUY ME”. T.V ads are no different, if not worse. They are trying to establish their logos, mottos, rings, and slogans into a child’s brain during crucial steps of psychological development. So that the soon to be adult doesn’t even have to make that choice between different car brands or soap types, it comes to him/her as a natural instinct. Advertising companies put in so much effort just to make their products sell, there is a fine line between educating the public on a product, and shoving it down their throats. It is even more sickening to think that they are targeting children with these schemes. During an average family’s typical day, one doesn’t even think about how much that 1...
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