Advertising Strategies Essay

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Advertising Strategies

When an advertiser places one of their advertisements into a newspaper, they want their advertisement to appeal to the readers of that particular magazine. They could have the exact same message, but considering their audience, they could make it more effective if they use a different strategy to market their product. This is very common for advertising strategies to change when the content of the magazine changes. You can relate the way that the magazine producers choose their ads by when Steve Craig says that "…program producers and schedulers must consider the target audience needs of their clients" (162). The types of advertisements are driven by the content of the magazine. Sports Illustrated provides a great example of how advertisers adjust their ads to their perception of what the readers are interested in. When comparing ads in a regular edition of Sports Illustrated and a swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, one particular company really stood out by the way they marketed their product differently. In the regular edition of Sports Illustrated, there is an ad published by Evan Williams, which is a brand of whisky, using what Craig categorizes as a "men's men" strategy. A men's men advertisement are "…frequently portrayed as men without women. On the other hand, the absence of women must not suggest homosexuality. Men's men are clearly heterosexual" (165). Some typical ways of showing heterosexuality are by showing three or more men in the ad, or by showing a woman in the background to suggest that they may have an interest in her. In the ad that Evan Williams published in the regular edition of Sports Illustrated, he doesn't show multiple guys in the advertisement, but rather one man that is out on his own fishing trip. The advertisement is split down the middle depicting two pictures. On the left shows an average Joe that is standing in a boat, fishing. He is standing in a plain metal boat, which is another way to back up

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