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Tutorial Report 1

1.Critique Advertising models and consider things such as: What aspects of the models/ theories were useful? Did you have any concerns/ issues in working with them? You also need to prepare to discuss the model/ Framework or theory and it’s good/ bad features in class. There are similarities that can be identified after going through the article by Weilbacher and also the lecture slides that provided. Few of models that have been discussed on the lecture slides and the Weilbacher article are AIDA model, Dagmar model, Hierarchy of effect model, and additional model that lecture slides provide is Information Processing Model.

Those models are trying to say that people will follow the steps in the model. All these models can’t be applied for all types of product because we have low-involvement product/service and high-involvement product/service. In low-involvement product/service, we don’t need to go through the steps to purchase a product. However, this model also can be useful in the sense of promoting a product, just like what Apple does for advertising their product, they tell people what their product can benefit them and it create people Interest towards Apple products. Creating people Interest is one of AIDA model and these models were useful for additional information in Advertising study. Nevertheless, working with these models can be considered.

Having this model to be feature in class is a good idea, in the sense of giving more information and idea of how advertising contribute to sales, even though advertising is not the only part that contribute to sales increase. In addition, those models can give us better understand on how to understand what people do when come to purchasing luxury brand or high-involvement product since advertising is dealing on how to do advertisement and how to attract people to buy the product.

2.List key aspects of buyer behavior that might be relevant when planning...
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