Advertising Is A Simple Glance Into The

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Advertising is a simple glance into the purpose of the business. It gives potential customers an idea of who the company is, what they do and what they provide to their customers. Good advertising will be able to convey a message in a few simple words with catchy lettering and colors. Advertising is often not intended to give customers a detailed look at the way a business functions and operates. There are people who are specifically trained in advertising that will be able to help businesses have a better ad campaign that allows customers to become more drawn toward the company. What is advertising?

Before moving on to understanding the roles of advertising, it is important to understand the concept of advertising. Advertising is a business tool used for the promotion of a product, service or even to a particular group of people. Copywriters create advertising and graphic designers complete it with their art skill. Media, TV broadcasts, banners, hoardings, etc. are the various means of advertisement promotion. Internet advertising also is emerging as a popular means of advertisements. Different roles of Advertising

Different roles of advertising can be broken down into four sub head, they are: • The marketing role
• The communication role
• The economic role
• The societal role
Let us now discuss each of the sub-heads in details:
The marketing role
The marketing role of advertising caters to the requirement of general consumers. They focus on customer satisfaction and meeting their requirements by providing goods and services. The marketing role is not directed to all the general public but caters to the requirement of a certain group or ‘the target market’. The communication role

A communication role in advertising focuses on mass communication requirements that the advertisement will able to fulfill. This is a method of informing potential customer, the launch of new products or the pass on information about the service and good they intent to buy....
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