Advertising Industry. Case of Turkey

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Case of Turkey

As well known from our History classes advertising dates back to the Christian Era when advertising methods were outside signs which were paintings on the walls of a buildings. Archaeologists have found signs in the ruins of ancient Rome and Pompeii which advertised travelers to go to a tavern situated in another town. In 1440’s invention of a movable-type of advertising or printing press took a big part in advertising development firstly in US. Although expensive due to undeveloped country and scare means of transportation and distribution and communication, advertising emerged due to certain types of manufactures, who thought of the idea of bypassing wholesalers, retailers and use of catalogs. Mail orders and pamphlets appeared around the 1870's. Late in the 19th century firms began to market packaged goods under brand names. Previously consumers had not been aware of or influenced by brand names. The first product that had brand name was soap product. In the 1880's a few brands came out and they were Ivory, Pears, Sapolio, Colgate, Kirks American Family and Packer's. Not long after brands such as Royal baking powder, Quaker oats, Bakers chocolate, Hire's root beer, Regal shoes and Waterman's pens were nationally advertised. In the early 1900's, especially, America began to become aware of such brand names like Bon Ami, Wrigley and Coca-Cola. After World War 1 advertising developed into a business so big that it was almost a trademark of America itself through the eyes of the rest of the world. This was expanded by technical improvements which made transportation, communication and graphics work easier, cheaper and better. The invention of electricity led to the illuminated outdoor poster, photoengraving and other modern printing inventions helped both editorial and advertising departments of printed journals. In the 1920's the radio was invented and this developed a whole new technique of selling, by voice. During World War 2 the American advertising industry founded the war advertising council this used modern advertising to strengthen the American war effort. In the nineteenth century by the development in printing technology, colored and illustrated advertisements become popular (fig.1). After 1960’s, advertising started to be modern and unexpected by creativity. With the development of technology, the more it started to merge into advertisement. While the main advertising media was Television and radio in 1990’s, nowadays Internet is the main of online advertising. Following the development in technology and in marketing, advertisement starts to play a big role in brands, companies and sales rate.(Türkel, 2009) Advertising in Turkey as in other countries was in line with economic developments. The first time, in Turkey, town crier, marketers and street vender, started to use slogans and folk music to attract consumers which was considered as great and intelligent work. In Turkey, the first ads for the printed advertising in newspapers began with posting homes and land and similar advertisements. Increase in the number of newspapers and magazines begun to increase. In 1909 the advertising company was established in the foundation of the current agencies. The first radio presentation was published in the second half of 1950 and the first television advertising ideas began to emerge in 1970. Advertising in Turkey, which first established advertising agencies experienced in this field and as a result of the developed countries to cooperate with the agencies started to become an industry. Constantly changing business models in the world, the last 15 years, audiences all over the world has changed and as the standard for quite some manufactured goods, products and services, campaigns and has started to be offered to all consumers, or regional.(Şafak, 2011)

The Turkish media industry is one of the most attractive media markets in the world. With its strong economic growth, large...

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