Advertising In Children Shows

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When it comes to commercials they are very persuasive. Especially in the mind of a young child. For example in beer commercials they describe how the beer is refreshing and tasty. Children watching will be influenced by the ways of the commercial and want to drink. As the child gets older they will have a habit of drinking and at an early age become an alcoholic. Other commercials may be far worse, and do a lot of damage to a young person. Parents should feel safe about what the kids are watching.

What about the parents? The kids see something that tells them that they'll be popular or cooler if they have this thing so they go straight to their parents. It doesn't just affect the children.  There needs to be the option for parents of being able to censor Ads from their child's media use. Parent's have a hard enough time raising their children, they shouldn't have to worry about Abercrombie and Fitch, Barbie, R and M rated video games, Junk-food ads creating a self-gratifying consumer driven mind. 

You can't teach a child how to resist advertisements. Even adults can't resist advertisements, the way malls, fastfood, stores, advertisements, grocery stores, catalogs, entertainment, everything that is the consumer world is directed around what psychologists and behaviorists have come to understand about people. We are merely rats in a maze being directed towards what it is we don't need but have been trained to want. 

Happiness is achieved by acquiring things and you can never have enough things. That's the idea, you buy a new pair of jeans you feel a sense of euphoria, you buy a new drink from Starbucks and post it on instagram, you see an ad for nike convince yourself that you need a new pair of running shoes even though you already own five. 

This influences a child' perception of the world even greater because they're vulnerable to advertisements. A child's mind is still growing it's still forming new connections and learning new concepts, stick...
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