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Advertising In Todays Magazines
Advertisers use a variety of techniques in their ads to grab the attention of their readers. These techniques are used to “talk up” their product in an effort to coax the reader into buying it. In some cases, the techniques used can be hard to recognize. Kaenon creates a desire for their sunglasses by using appealing words, crisp and clear images, and subtle hidden messages in its August advertisement in Heavywater magazine.

Through the use of appealing words Kaenon creates a desire for their sunglasses. Advertisers want to use words that relate to the product being advertised. Kaenon really hit the nail on the head with this ad by using words like ultra-lightweight, glare-reduction, and clarity to glorify their sunglasses. Both the people interviewed picked out these words too and said that these words caught their attention. Those three things are what everybody shopping for a new pair of sunglasses are looking for. The technique in which they added these words however, is called card stacking. Ann McClintock’s article, “Propaganda Techniques in Today’s Advertising” states that “Advertisers often stack the cards in favor of the products they are pushing.” Kaenon did so in their advertisement by saying that no other company offers better clarity, glare-reduction, and ultra-lightweight lens. McClintock also says, “Many people are simply swayed by the distorted claim that the candidate is “waffling” on the issue.” Basically, she is saying that many people will believe whatever the company says because they do not do any research themselves. Instead they read the ad and assume what they are reading is correct. Kaenon may have stretched the truth a little by saying that no other company has sunglasses comparable to theirs, but they did so hoping that people will assume they are correct and purchase their sunglasses. Some words used in ads also create emotional needs. In Jib Fowles’s article, “Casebook: Analyzing...

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