Advertising Development

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Author Neil Kokemuller defines advertorials as messages that are delivered in a specific to print media publications and websites. It has a distinct format compared with other print ads. ( Advertorials differ from traditional advertisements in that they are designed to look like the articles that appear in the publication. Most publications will not accept advertisements that look exactly like stories from the newspaper or magazine they are appearing in. The differences may be subtle, and disclaimers—such as the word "advertisement"—may or may not appear. Sometimes terms describing the advertorial such as a "special promotional feature" or "special advertising section" are used. The tone of the advertorials is usually closer to that of a press release than of an objective news story. Advertising In the mid-1990s, interest in Internet advertising grew. However, online advertising was relatively modest because the Internet was very new and its effectiveness was uncertain. The total advertising revenue in 1997 was estimated at $400-$699 million, 12 times more than that of 1995, but still only a small portion of all advertising spending. One new advertising hybrid to take hold of the Nineties was the "advertorial". Though designed to resemble regular columns or features, they were in reality biased advertisements posing as unbiased editorials. Cross-marketing and media consolidation have become more widespread in the 1990s. For instance, a network station owned by Disney began having more talk shows visit Disneyland or mention their films. Movie tie-ins with fast food chains and breakfast cereals dominate advertising during children programming.

According to the authors of the book Advertising Principles and Practice; Wells, Moriarty and Burnett (1998), the word advertising appeared in 1655 and since then, publishers used it as a heading for commercials in newspapers. The main reason of using ads at that time was to inform the community about products and services for sale, such as land and transportation. But, after the Industrial Revolution (1760-1850), the production and distribution of industries increased and therefore, new communication medias were introduced in order to expand the market to new buyers. The mass media of this age was print, such as magazines, catalogues, flyers, and billboards, and they just pushed consumers to buy a specific product.

It is important to mention that before The Digital Era, advertising needed to pass through different stages, which were: The Age of Print (1704-1750), The Age of Agencies (1850-1900), The Golden Age and The Scientific Era (1904-1960), The Creative Revolution (1960-1970), The Era of Accountability and Integration (1970-2001), and The Era of Change (2001-2010). Wells, Moriarty and Burnett (1998)

During the last three decades advertising has passed through some important changes. As the time passed, it has become more and more important, and it has required a greater amount of investment. That is why, companies during the 1980s were concerned about its effectiveness and due to this, the main purpose of ads for agencies was not just producing sales, but also proving its value. So, they decided to evaluate if the target audience was responding to their message properly by doing researches, and they found out that some people did not believe in the information that ads were providing and the target audience did not feel that ads were created directly to them. With these results they started to work on improving the communication of their brand, in order that the customer feel identified with the it and the company.

Before introducing the Internet for ads, TV was the most massive media for communicating the audience. During the 1990’s companies were focussed on promoting products through TV commercials. Customers could buy them just with a phone call and...
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