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Australia Post

* Australia Post is the post office and mailing service found in Australia. It is used every day by thousands of Australians for sending parcels, letters, and so much more. * Print advertisements for Australia Post portray everyday people holding a loved one in their arms. The given loved one blends in with the background that is a letter. * An integrating marketing campaign could greatly improve the sales and consumer recognition of Australia Post. By utilizing TVCs, Australia Post advertisements will break through multiple media outlets, thus increasing awareness. Competitive Analysis

* In our ever growing world of technology, Australia Post has very stiff competition, that being internet and telecommunications. Many people have moved to writing emails or using social networks to communicate with friends, and when they aren’t using the internet, calling is the fastest way to contact someone immediately, and it allows for instant responding. In our society, these means of communication have also become easier to use than standard mailing. * The disadvantage in telecommunications and internet communications is that because it has become so common in our society, using these forms of communications may not feel as special and meaningful. When someone sends a letter, it feels more personal and thoughtful, like the person took time out of their day for you. That is something that simply can’t be done with internet and telecommunications. Target Group

| Demographic| Psychographic| Needs| Lifestyle|
Australia Post| Men & Women, Age 30-50, Australian citizens, SES: ABC | Target group has family or friends that live far away and likes to keep in touch| Needs to make someone feel special, Needs a thoughtful means of communication| likes to keep in touch, caring, talkative, thoughtful|

Key Issues
* Telecommunications are readily available, easier, and more accessible * Internet,...
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