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(Advertising Case)

1. List the ways that Red Bull’s advertising efforts are unique from those of the mainstream. Red Bull uses emotional experiences to create relationships with its customers. Red Bulls marketing strength is through word of mouth.

Red Bulls goal is to engage customers through activities that are meaningful to them to create deep and long lasting relationships. I. Sponsoring Athletes Such as (Shaun White)
II. Inventing a completely new sport (Red Bull Crashed Ice)
III. Sponsors artists, teams, music, film, video games
Red Bull has a house for the global Red Bull Media Network called Red Bull Media House. The Network spans (TV, Print, Mobil, digital and Music). Red Bull uses marketers attending different events were they pass out free Red Bull products.

2. Will Red Bull need to embrace more traditional advertising media in order to keep growing? Why or why not? Red Bull needs to stick with its out of the box less traditional marketing strategies. Red Bulls success has come from its non-traditional marketing tactics such as promoting extreme sports or creating awareness at different events through the use of its marketers passing out free Red bull cans at events like soccer games or music festivals. Or through its non traditional marketing method of its Red Bull Media House.

3. At some point, will Red Bull have to branch out beyond its target market? If so, will it need to alter its advertising strategy to do so? Note: please do not use the “it depends on the market they want to advertise to” approach to answer this question. Yes Red Bull will continue to expand on their target market reaching to as many individuals as possible. Mateschitz stated that he “sees Red Bull not as a beverage brand but as a global lifestyle brand with boundaries that have not been reached.” He clearly stated that he foresees Red Bull expanding much larger therefor reaching and broadening its target market. Red Bull should not...
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