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Television, radio and printed ads, remain the most popular forms of advertising. Regardless of the growth of internet based advertisement, traditional ways remain on the top due to the different advantages they offer to the client. Television advertisment can be categorized in three different ways: 30 second spots, 15 second spots and infomercials. 30’ second spots are the most popular, and they consist on commercials which air or appear on screen for 30 seconds. 15 second spots are shorter commercials, that are reduced in time to cut on costs. They are also used, when a client wants to re- air a commercial that was already shown in the past, and so its purpose, is only to “refresh” the product in the consumers mind. Finally we have infomercials that are 30 minutes advertisements that have an educational approach. Television ad campaigs have several advantages such as hight coverage, reach and repetition. Television is the most popular and powerful communication channel, “ it has the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium” and so it can reach more than 98% of all households of the US. Television also provides the clients with a chance to maximze the exposure of advertised products and services, now that they can air a commercial several times during the day, or during a specific Tv show, impacting the costumers more intensly over short periods of time. Finally independent stations and cable companies offer new opportunities to pinpoint local audiences and define more precisely their target audiences. Television as an ad media is known for its high costs; however, it is worth every penny due to its efficacy and accuracy. Print is another traditional form of advertising, and it consists basically on newpapers, magazines and journals, that circulate weekly or monthly. Print ads offer also several advantages, they can reach a huge number of people in a given geographical area. Magazines for instance, allow better targeting of audiences, now that magazine publications have different topics that can be of interest to the clients specific audience. This way the advertiser can place an ad for a new gardening tool in a gardening magazine, or a new digital camera in a techonological magazine. Newspapers and magazines also require high reader involvement, meaning that more attetion will be payed to the advertising. Newspapers and magazines are cheap, and so a lot of people can have access to that media. Another important aspect of printed ads is that the ad is not limited, meaning that readuers can go back to the clients message over and over if so desired. They can look back in their magazines to recall a products name or price, before purchasing it. Finally, the printed world moves efficiently, and so it fits in todays changing market conditions. An ad that the client might decide to run in short notice can be in the costumers hand in one or two days. Last but not least, we have Radio adversiment, that consists on placing different product jingles in the radio, or allowing the radio hosts to name the clients product while airing a show. The radio is an universall medium, and it can be enjoyed by people where ever they are, in the car, at work and at home. Like TV and print media, the radio offers a vast amount of different program formats that can be listened to by the consumers you want to target. Traditional forms of advertising are affective and accurate now that they provide hight reach, specific targeting and creative and aesthethical methods.

On the other hand we have online advertising that has expanded immensely now that people purchase computers for their homes everyday. There are four basic types of online advertsing: Banners, cpc, seo and weblinx. Banners come in all shapes and sizes and they are static images that appear in the internet, that show the picture and logo of a product along with a text or explanation of that product. There are also pop up banners, that appear out of now where while the...
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