Advertising and Promotion Assignment

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Brand Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: December 17, 2012

What is required in Question 1?
1 Understand the scope of marketing communications
Communication process: nature and components of marketing communications; models of communication; selection and implementation process; consumer buying decision-making process; influences on consumer behaviour: internal (demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, attitude, beliefs), external (cultural, social, environmental factors); response hierarchy/hierarchy of effects models; integration of marketing communications

Organisation of the industry: structure and roles of marketing communications agencies; (advertising agencies, marketing agencies, creative agencies, media planning and buying agencies); media owners; advertisers; triangle of dependence; types of agency (full service, à la carte, specialist agencies, media independents, hot shops and boutiques, media sales houses); other supporting services (public relations (PR), sales promotion, marketing research)

Regulation of promotion: Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations, Sale of Goods Act, Supply of Goods and Services Act, Distance Selling Regulations, Consumer Credit Act, Data Protection Act; statutory authorities (Trading Standards, Ofcom, the Office of Communications); self-regulation (Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP)); ethics, consumerism and public opinion as a constraint

Current trends: media fragmentation and the decline the power of traditional media; ambient/out-of-home media eg product and brand placement, posters, stickers, car park tickets, till receipts, petrol pumps; new media eg, texts, use of mobile phone, web-based media, pop-ups; brand proliferation; niche marketing/micro-marketing; media inflation; maximising media spend; increased sophistication and use of marketing research; responding to globalisation (global marketing, global brands, global media); ethical marketing eg fair trade, cause-related marketing;...
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