Advertising and Promotion

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1. Assess the role of below-the- line techniques and how they are used for Beryl’s. You should: * Illustrate using a mind map to differentiate between characteristics and objectives of four below-the-line promotional techniques (3.1) Advertising can be typically be grouped into two categories: above-the-line and below-the-line advertising. Below-the-line advertising is typically conducted by the company itself. | CHARACTERISTIC| OBJECTIVE|

DIRECT MARKETING| * Marketing messages are addressed directly to the customer and/or customers. * It is a multi media promotion * It is benefit oriented direct response advertising.| * Keeping the existing customers as well as increasing the sales. * Reducing the cost * Building customer loyalty | PUBLIC RELATION| * The spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. * Target the entire population but usually need to target a specific group.| * Building marketplace excitement before the media advertising. * Introducing a product with little or no advertising. * Building brand to customer bonds.| SALES PROMOTION| * The message is for purposeful and informative. * Incentives are always offered. * short term in nature so are not offered to customers through the year. * It drives customer towards a quick response. | * To introduce new products in the market. * To attract new customers and to keep the existing customers. * To survive in the competition. | SPONSORSHIP| * We can say that sponsorship is a form of public relations. * use as sales force, client, or corporate incentive * opportunity for a product demonstration | * To develop relationship between the sponsored organization public and the sponsor. * develop or reinforce an image * develop product awareness |

* Recommend the use of two individual techniques for individual consumers and two individual techniques for trade consumers. (3.2)
2 individual techniques for individual consumers

Individual customers can be defined as the one who buy the products. In order to introduce Beryls chocolates to the individual consumers in Malaysia market, I recommend techniques of the “below the line tools” that suitable for beryl’s company to use is sales promotion. Beryls should use the sales promotion tool to increase sale. By using sales promotions, it helps to generate sales by providing incentives in a shorter period of time so that customers can be in hurry, and respond quickly. Usually an example of a sale promotion is offering a discounted price for a limited time. But the offer could also be like “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” and this is a very effective below-the-line technique because people will always go for or wants anything free out of anything. So by this they can increase their sales to a large number of people. Examples of sales promotion can be include coupons, free trial periods and discounts, to name a few. Sales promotions offer a number of advantages and also disadvantages. Sales promotions are vital for businesses who desire to increase sales and interest in the company. When used moderately with careful planning, sales promotions increase sales even after the promotions are finished. But when they are used too regularly, the excitement or urgency around them wears off. Sales promotions draw attention to a particular product or service being offered. They distinguish a business from competitors through pricing. When sales promotions are offered for a limited time, it creates urgency among the customers because they have to act before the promotion expires. As a result, the limited offer reduces the time customers have to think about the product. In most cases, they will stop comparing the alternatives and buy the featured item or service. For example when customers sees the word “SALE!” they would be influenced and might buy the product. This is because customer prefer buy product that have a...
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