Advertising Agency Accomplishes a Successful Production Project

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Project Management Case Study
‘Advertising Agency Accomplishes a Successful Production Project’

An extract from the Internship Report by Md. Shafaat Ali Choyon (ID # 10-94281-3) Operations Management, Faculty of Business Administration, AIUB Semester: Summer 2012-13

Review & discuss on: Project Charter Work breakdown Structure Project Schedule

1. Project Chapter
PROJECT CHARTER 1. General Information Date: Project Title: Project Sponsor: Start / Finish Date: Budget Allocation: 2. Stakeholders Designation Project Manager: Business Leader: Technical Leader: Key Team Member: Key Team Member: Key Team Member: Account Executive Account Director Managing Director Director Trainee Director Head Of Brand Name Md.Shafaat Ali Choyon (GREY ) Syed Mohammad Tariq (GREY ) Gousul Alam Shaon (GREY) Ashfaq Bipul (Half Stop Down) Towhida haq yume (GREY ) Ashfaq bipul (Half Stop Down) Shafiqul Islam Tusher (AFBL) August 12, 2012 TVC Production (Little Frutika) Akij Food & Beverage Ltd (AFBL) February 2 to April 2 BDT 28,07,913 nd nd

3. Project / Service Description * Project Objectives / Business Justification This Project will manage a production of a Television Commercial (TVC) for the part of a 360 degree communication campaign campaign. And this campaign Includes .TVC , RDC (Radio commercial ), Press Insertation , Point of sales material (POSM ), Outdoor Overhead , Below the lIne ( Activation). This will work as Branding tool for the Product Frutika 125ml pack (Mango Juice SKU) Expected outcome is that this will popularize the product and boost up the sales volume .

3. Project / Service Description * Project Deliverables 1. Concept building 2. TVC story development 3. Approval from the client 4. Production house selection 5. Budget selction on the basis of production criteria ( Camare Mode :35mm/Digital , Director of photography home/Abroad , Director remunation , Artist remunation , Shooting days, location , Production unit cost , Post production abroad/Home . Profit Production house/Agency) 6. Pre production Meeting 7. Advance payment 8. Shooting 9. Post work 10. 1 submission 11. Feedback 12. 2 nd st


13. Post Rework 14. Final submission 15. Download and delivery 16. Bill closing 17. Vendor payment cleared (project closed ) * Project Exclusion (Will Not be Include) Project wont include the airing of the TVC on the channels * Project Milestones Inception : 2 nd

January 2012
rd th th th

Concept development : 3 january 15 january 2012 Story development : 15 january to 25 january 2012 Approval and production house selection : 25 january to 31 january 2012 Pre Production meeting : 5th February 2012 Shoot date : 8 and 9 February 2012 Post production : 15 February to 1 March 2012 Submission and edit : 2 Delivery : May 2 nd nd th st th th th st

March to April 30 2012



3. Project / Service Description * Project Approaches As a work partner interms of brand development for AFBL , at first we receive a client brief which consists the clients wants and needs which briefs the objective of the campagin .when we received this breif via mail , we had an internal meeting woth creative departmant where the brief is going to be explained clearly to them on behalf of client from client service end who is responsible for the brand. Then creative sets a deadline for developing the concept and story development Then Client is going to be shared the developed TVC story through a presentation Upon approval the production house will be selected keeping on mind about the Budget and quality Then a PPM will be done before shoot where each and every thing will be discussed with the client where the model projection of the story , possble story outcome, post production country , DOP selection, Product shot and CG development issue more over the do’s and dont’s are cleared in the meeting. Shoot will be conducted on supervision of GREY then the postroduction work is done and shared with the client. Upon...
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