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An advertising campaign is a coordinated series of link ads that:- * Focus on a common theme for one ad of any brand
* They are directed at a particular segment of the population that is the target audience. * They aim at achieving a specific objective.
* Successful ad campaign may last for a week, few weeks to months or years. * Its planned programme using advertising aim at a particular target audience over a definite period of time for the purpose of increasing sales and raising awareness. * A successful campaign requires a number of important decisions which are: * Setting objectives

* Setting advertising budget
* Selecting media for message delivery
* Creating the message
* Evaluating the campaign results
Smaller companies with limited budget maybe forced to focus on what little money they have on only one key decision like selecting media and give less attention to other areas. Before making any advertising campaign a marketer should do an extensive research to understand the requirement of a market. Critical part of making an advertising campaign is to determine a champion theme as it sets the tone of individual advertisement and other forms of marketing communication that will be used. The campaign theme are usually developed with an intension to be used for a particular time frame but many are short lived due to factors such as being ineffective or competition in the market place. ADVERTISING AGENCY

An advertising agency is an agency that designs advertisement to call public attention to its clients.|
Following are the departments in an advertising agency:- 1. ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENTIts first function is strategy planning and research. Interpretation of consumers (Target Audience) and advertisement research from the brand’s perspective. Marketing analysis and SWOT analysis are also taken care of in this department. The accounts department...
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