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Decoding an Advertising Campaign
In this following essay I will be discussing and analysing the advertisement campaign of Rhonda and Ketut created by AAMI car insurance. I will go over the strengths and weaknesses involved, the use of propaganda and further advertising and it’s benefits. 

In 2011 AAMI launched a campaign which would soon become one of Australia’s most loveable story lines. AAMI decided to take a different approach when releasing this campaign, as it needed to be something Australians can be entertained by, relate to and can contribute and remember for 52 weeks of the year. The aim of the campaign was to stand out from all the other Australian insurance companies. Each insurance company are all competing for the same customers, however they all offer the same thing. Therefore consumers are left confused when deciding to stay or change brands. However, AAMI have recognised those customers who do not make insurance claims and have safer driving record and therefore have developed the Safe Driver Rewards. Which rewards safe drivers who do not claim on their insurance and gives them a 15% discount off their insurance as well as other benefits. In order to differentiate themselves AAMI created the Rhonda and Ketut campaign which follows the love story of Rhonda and Ketut and how Rhonda was able to afford a luxurious holiday thanks to how much she has saved while being with AAMI. The campaign has continued for over 3 years resulting in a love story that all Australians have followed and fallen in love with. The first phase of the campaign started in 2011 with Rhonda leaving work and being applauded for her safe driving. The idea of Rhonda was for her to be a loveable character that all Aussies could relate to. Therefore this socially awkward quirky character then became the face of AAMI safe driver rewards. We then next meet Rhonda in a beach at Bali getting massaged by a balinese women complimenting her beautiful break foot. AAMI’s first stage of the campaign was to slowly introduce the characters to the audience. Making us become familiar with them and giving us the opportunity to put a face to a name before we even have to put together a story line. We are then introduced to Ketut a young balinese local who is a waiter at a beach resort. According to Marketing Mag “The overarching strategy behind this campaign was to give the AAMI Insurance brand a personality, something that Australians are entertained by, relate to and can engage with and remember for 52 weeks of the year.” (Marketing magazine, 2014) Once the characters were introduced to the audience AAMI were able to expand out the campaign furthermore. Although, due to the popular success of the campaign so far the audience were doing there own advertising for the commercials. This included Facebook pages such as “The sexual tension between Rhonda and Ketut.” that was circling social media and got over 60 000 hits within the first week. AAMI were able to introduce and create two extremely loveable characters all in a 30 second commercial. Catch 1

phrases such as “eyes on the road Rhonda and you look so hot today Rhonda, like a sunrise.” Started to become spoken by audiences in everyday life and therefore the word of AAMI was always around and known.

(AAMI 2014)

(AAMI, 2014)
The second phase of the love story between Rhonda and Ketut continues with the commercials seen on television Australia wide. We are now introduced to an app where you can take photos and save details of other drivers when in an accident. The add was creatively comparing the relaxing holiday Rhonda just went on to how relaxed you can be if you are in an accident and with AAMI. Now with the app it “relieves you of the stress of being in an accident.” Through the use of Rhonda’s love story AAMI are able to demonstrate to the audience how relaxed their life can be if they are with AAMI. The next ad is Rhonda going to her school reunion and bumping into her old high...
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