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Communication strategy of Bajaj’s quadricycle

About Quadricycle

The RE60 was unveiled at the January 2012 auto expo in New Delhi, the RE60, and India’s first quadricycle. It is very different from the quadricycles in Europe, which are expensive, low-volume, novelty vehicles made of exotic materials. The RE60, on the other hand, is a tiny vehicle that feels like a well-appointed auto rickshaw. But right now it is a big deal. Powered by a water-cooled, 216-cc, single-cylinder engine encased in a metal-polymer monocoque body, the RE60 weighs 400kg, has a turning radius of 3.5 meters and can reach a top speed of 70 kmph. It can seat the driver and three passengers and run 35 kilometers on a litre of petrol.

Makers of small cars, especially those that run as taxis, fear the RE60 because it will come with a cheaper price tag, somewhere between the three-wheeler's Rs1.25 lakh and Maruti Suzuki Alto's Rs2.5 lakh. It will also be more fuel efficient, giving 35 kilometres to a litre. Maruti Suzuki and Tata Motors, though, are against allowing such a vehicle, and want the safety and emission standards for the quadricycle to be on par with that of cars. But the low-speed four-wheeler passenger carrier awaits approval of a government draft notification that includes technical specification and regulatory standards for the quadricycle The Indian car market is exploding. Demand for passenger cars is expected to grow at more than 8 per cent a year till 2011-12. By that time, analysts estimate that there will more than 12 lakh new cars on Indian roads every year. In this scenario, it is very difficult to assess What determines consumer choice?

What consumers want in a crowded market?
How much consumer wants to spend? How to attract consumer to our product? 

The RE60 is a four-wheeled passenger carrier that’s being pitched as an alternative to the auto rickshaw. Three-wheeler makers are wary because the RE60 is like a better three-wheeler with doors, a roof, better technology (water-cooled, twin spark plugs, five gears), and is more stable, thanks to the fourth wheel. It emits just 60 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre, about half the emission of a small car. Target Audience

Auto rickshaw drivers
Try to lure owners of auto rickshaws to upgrade to the RE60 but also hope to wean away owners of the eponymous but dated black-and-yellow taxis in cities such as Delhi and Mumbai. Taxi owners do not make enough money and the RE60 would, with its high fuel efficiency and low-maintenance costs will offer a more viable option. Working Women

Women who are working would want to buy a car of their own so I would want to target them. People living in the city

Media Mix

30% media weightage
Programs on selected general entertainment channels and a special measure of channels like star plus, star world as many women watch serials on these channels Also tie up with news channel for car

Scheduling strategy
30% media weightage
Advertisements in the weekly supplements of the newspaper
Magazines , women magazines
Scheduling strategy

20% media weightage
Online advertising on car review websites
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Mobile marketing
Social media
Ads on leading forums , autocar,, Scheduling strategy
10% media weightage
Tie ups with outlets
Posters in Malls

Innovate on consumer connect initiatives for a high impact launch Using online (social medias) to share the trip stories of the existing users with the prospect customers Virtual drive
Launch during the festive season

Marketing Onion Model of Quadricycle
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