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Advertising is one of the key elements in building a brand personality, which is equally important to the marketer & consumers.  Brand personality is distinct, non preemptible enduring and associates the brand with certain values.  Brand personality acts a potent brand differentiator and offers sustainable competitive advantage. Advertising by creating or reinforcing brand's personality enhances brand value or equity , which in turn can be leveraged through brand extension.  Brand personality also helps brands to gain market share, command price premium and insulates from discounting Brands. Consumers as  part of self-defining process, use possessions to describe themselves  and also to which group they belong,  especially in socially conspicuous product categories such as clothing, automobiles etc.(what is me is related to what I have)   Brands make personality statements, users associate a brand with a strong personality. Key advertising elements such as endorser, user imagery, symbols and execution elements contribute to Brand personality.

Human beings have a personality, which is essentially a summation of traits.  Brand personality can be defined in several ways, with emphasis on emotion, human and tangible aspects of the brand. It can also be defined as sum of the tangible and intangible aspects of the brand. Even for industrial product like steel, SAIL uses emotional connect with 'punch line' there is bit of SAIL in everybody's life.  Brand personality, is process of transforming the brand into a person or humanizing the brand.  Thus brands can also have characteristics (Ex: Sex, Gender, skills & abilities etc). Marketers deliver the personality using  advertising, features, packaging etc. Users and non users differ in perceptions with respect to Brand personality users attach a distinct personality to the brand.  Established brands have unique personality   which is generally consistent and may be implicit.  Brand personality enables to establish relationship between brand & consumer with emotional content.  The degree of proximity between brand and consumer personality, will influence the purchase intension and brand loyalty.  Brands need to update personality to stay contemporary and relevant, as target audience personality may change over a period of time, due to changes in cultural, economic, media exposure etc.  Brand personality should not be confused with target audience characteristics. Personality may be existing or aspirational.  Projective techniques can be used to describe brands.  Consumers can be asked to associate the brand, with adjectives (word association, sentence completion etc.) and also can be asked about user image One of the truths of modern business is that there is almost nothing that your competitors can't duplicate in a matter of weeks or months. The question then becomes, "What competitive edge do I have to offer that cannot be copied by anyone else?"

The answer? Your brand.
Creating a strong brand identity will build mind share — one of the strongest competitive advantages imaginable. As a result, customers will think of your business first when they think of your product category. Brand- As a Promise

A brand is not an icon, a slogan, or a mission statement. It is a promise- a promise that a company can keep.
Role of advertising in brand building

Role Brands                          Personality Moods                                           Sensitivity Thumbs up                                     Bravery / daring Amul                                            Humour MTV                                             Wacky Indiakings                                      Sophistication (upper class) Woodlands                                     Ruggedness &...
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