Advertisers Know Exactly What Consumers Like

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Advertising Pages: 5 (1811 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Fabiola Gil
Professor LeBlanc
EN 102
April 19th, 2013
Advertisers Know Exactly What Consumers Like
In all over the world, advertisers always try takes an interesting role in people’s lives. Consumers believe that by buying the product that has been advertised, they can identify themselves with it. That is where stereotypes take role, when people consume something to make people believe that they are better than others are; in this case, the power that women show in ads seems to be stronger than men. In the two advertisement images I chose, the advertising company that in this case is Skyy Vodka and Campari make assumptions of the kind of power a women is allowed to have in our society, especially over men. The manipulation of the light choices, the models` face expressions, and body postures in these images is letting the viewers know that women who consume these beverages will have the same effect over men. The two images I chose are about alcohol beverages advertisement. The first image is an advertisement for Skyy Vodka. The ad consists of three males and a white raise woman. The background in the image is a tall wide green bush; by the bush, it makes it easier for the viewers to tell that the image was taken outdoors. Two of the muscular male models are standing behind the white, skinny girl holding an orange umbrella. Both men are wearing unbutton shirts allowing their naked chest to show. The umbrellas are covering half of the two males’ faces, which only allow the viewer to see from their noses down. A beautiful white skinny woman is standing in front of the two men, which makes men seem less important since the women stands out the most. The woman with blond hair and slim body is wearing a long white spaghetti dress. The woman is also wearing a dress that allows part of her breast to show. The women is holding an orange flower in one hand and in the other, she is holding a martini drink with a Skyy Vodka bottle next to her sitting on tray that seems like one of the male is holding. The light usage in this image takes away focus from the men standing behind the woman. The two men do not catch the viewers` eyes because of the dark light usage that suggests that the men in this image are not as important as the woman who has all the light and catches everybody’s attention. The white bright light is focusing on the women as well as the Skyy bottle, making them both the center of attention. Consumers buy the Skyy Vodka bottle with the purpose of trying to be as powerful as how the model woman looks in the image. In the Skyy Vodka ad image, the male’s faces only shows half way, only allowing to show their mouth, which is closed, but make them look as if they were speechless and hypnotized by the beauty of the woman standing in front of them. The woman has her mouth a little open; this face expression gives her a sexy look, making her look seductive and attractive. “Beyond tallies of sexual content in promos, one content analysis recorded sex-role portrayals in promos for prime-time programs, finding that females were more likely than males to be portrayed in provocative attire (Easton, 1997).” John Davies said. This shows how the sexuality of women in advertisement is more popular than men because women are known for their curves. Not only in the ad images for Skyy Vodka show that women is used as a sex-subject appeal, but also in the article “The use of female sexuality in Australian alcohol advertising: public policy implications of young adults’ reactions to stereotypes” the author said “(9% of males vs. 21% of Females) were classed as somewhat or definitely a sex object, defined as “whether the role of the model is that of a two-dimensional character whose demeanor embodies primarily a sexual enticement (Lin, 1998, p. 468).” This tells us that women are often used as a sex symbol to appeal most of the consumers in which the majority will be men. This is exactly what the Vodka product is doing by using the...

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