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Good morning/evening, my name is Blair Holden, and I am a representative from Toto Communications. Before I begin my presentation, I would like to welcome the CEO of Roger and Hill industries, Mr Jayden Brown, and the Head of Marking and advertising, Mrs Julie Walters. It is a pleasure to have you here for the presentation today. Recent marketing attempts to for this product have not been as effectively executed as they could be. Unfortunately, the sales statistics from your previous marketing campaigns have proven ineffective, only decreasing in demand over the past year. With the experience in marketing and advertising of my team at Toto Communications, your sales will undoubtedly increase and your product will be the best seller in this area of marketing. Following extensive market research, we here at Toto communication believe we have established the ideal target market for your product. Recent studies indicate that 78% of men who are interested in your product range between the ages of 20 and 25. Of this 78%, 80% are single, middle-class men looking for a suitable companion to accompany him. With this information, the research team have come to the conclusion of advertising your product in ‘Next Luxury’ magazine. Next Luxury publications are designed to teach men how to improve their manner and live a better lifestyle. By presenting Parfum in Next Luxury’s magazine, the product will become internationally recognised, and capable of creating a trend-setting phenomenon for all middle-classed men.

The advertisement created consists of three colours: black, red and white. Significant colours in an advertisement are essential for selling a product successfully. For Parfum, colour black represents power – a quality all men thrive to possess, and mystery – a trademark of fantasy which undeniably intrigues women. The colour red represents passion and danger; two qualities which, when combined together, are undoubtedly irresistible towards women because of the...
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