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Nov. 2010, Version 1. How far would you classify advertising as an art form? June 2009. To what extent is advertising always misleading?
Nov. 2007. In what ways can advertising be useful and entertaining? Nov. 2006. ‘Advertisements always promise far more than they deliver.’ Discuss. Nov. 2005. “Advertising is a modern art form.” Do you agree? Nov. 2002. Assess the qualities to be found in a good advertisement. Nov. 2001. ‘The camera can never lie’. Is this true?

Dec. 2010. “In the modern world, image is everything.” Discuss.

In what ways can advertising be influential?

The occurrence of advertising has been growing since the past three decades; it is the modern consumer driven society, which has allowed it to grow at each and every step. Nowadays, advertisers are searching for new platforms to help their product stand out rather than have their adverts placed on ubiquitous platforms like the television, radio, newspaper, magazines or the Internet. Placing adverts in new venues like a video screen in a taxi and on eggs have been amusing. Adopting such strategies have assisted to expose an average city dweller to approximately 5,000 ads per day, up from 2,000 per day three decades ago (Here, There and Everywhere, 2007). With the competitions becoming ruthless everyday not only companies but also the government have been focused to promote their products with innovative advertisements, which have undoubtedly been successful in leaving an impact on the consumers. In fact, I believe that adverts do more than influencing people’s taste; it rather controls their desires.

Adverts are believed to have excessive impact on people; thus, several companies are...
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