Advertisement in Kazakhstan

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 18 (4807 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Status and prospects of development of advertisement
  in the Republic of Kazakhstan

1.2 Specificity and structure of the advertising market in Kazakhstan

Advertising is an important part of marketing communications and serves as a tool to create an external competitive advantage. It is impossible to imagine the work of the modern enterprise without advertising. The company must declare its existence on the market about its product and attract potential customers and create an image of a reliable partner. And if the companies did not have to think much about selling products, government was engaged in that, now in the marketplace every company is at its own risk and have to decide what it will produce and how to sell, which would also use funds. Since in the present circumstances any entrepreneur can produce what it considers it necessary and possible, the number of producers of similar products becomes very large. And each of them strives to win the market. This encourages organizations to take various steps to promote sales. These actions include improving product quality and effectiveness of promotional activities.

The foundation of modern enterprise management system is marketing, transforming objectives in the firm's strategy for its conduct in the market. Visual representation in the direct continuation of the marketing strategies - this is the promotional activities of the company, which faces directly to the consumer and is the basis of complex marketing communications. In this case, promotional activities, as well as any other, must be continuously developed within a strategic planning company. As practice shows, often planning promotional activities of the enterprise is without marketing strategies, in isolation from marketing companies. This leads to the fact that the cost of advertising increases and its efficiency is reduced. Overall assessment of the effectiveness of advertising can provide information on feasibility and effectiveness of the advertisement of its individual funds to determine the optimal conditions of advertising for potential buyers to take a decision on changing advertising strategies, responsive to the actions of competitors. Particularly acute issue of advertising is for product launch. After all, there is a risk that the product will not be accepted by the market. It is therefore very important to advance before the start of the production process to determine whether the market needs such a product. And later, during the advertising campaign to promote sales of products by exposure to potential buyers, showing the usefulness of the product is its best performance. In recent years, Kazakhstan has increased attention to advertising. This is due to the changed economic conditions and the lack of clear planning forced the company to depart from the usual stereotypes in business relationships and seek new innovative ways to attract attention to themselves, their activities on the part of consumers. Handled skillfully advertising allows faster to overcome the barriers between producer and consumer. Manufacturer is an advertiser. A consumer - is one on whom the advertising message is directed in order to induce him to take some action in which an advertiser is interested. The product does not become a commodity, until it is sold. For this to happen, consumers need to be interested and to prepare to make a purchase, provide him with sufficient information that would have prompted him to action. This role does advertising. Besides, in terms of market saturation advertising of goods acts as a means of fighting between rivals for market share as a way of creating demand, its development, retention or expansion of market share, ensuring efficient operation of the enterprise. There are many definitions of advertising, which essentially depends on the approach to this notion. Advertising - paid form of presentation and promotion of goods and services with clearly specified funding source....
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