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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Bangladeshi cricket team in West Indies in 2009, Mashrafe Mortaza Pages: 14 (4829 words) Published: April 27, 2012
This is a report prepared for MKT337 course on advertising analysis. The purpose of this report on Advertisement analysis is to thorough analyze of electronic, print, outdoor and direct mail ads and look for elements that tell the reader something about that specific product or service of the ads. The report is focused on these basics in order to present a clear argument on how these advertisements can influence people’s attitudes towards a certain object or idea, and then analyze them carefully to discover if the message implied is successful or not. An important fact to keep in mind developing this report is the appeal of the ads. The appeal refers to the argument that, in this case, the advertisement is presenting about a specific product by logical appeal or emotional appeal or ethical appeal. Again the report discusses whether the ads are informative, persuasive or just reminding.

To analyze on advertisements I choose several industries including telecom, food and beverages, banking sector etc in Bangladesh to analyze the products or services of Bangladesh.

Food and beverages industry
In our country’s perspective we see a lot of ads of food and beverages as TV commercial, RVC, on billboards, banners, newspaper or through direct mail. Here is an analysis of some food and beverages.

Pepsi is a well known beverage brand in the world which positioned itself as a sporty and a brand for the young people. In short, Pepsi see itself as a part and parcel of the young people’s life. In Bangladesh Transcom Beverage is the licensor of Pepsi. Because of the world cup 2011, Pepsi has conducted an IMC campaign that involves some popular cricketers and their special moves. Pepsi is actually sponsoring those special shots or delivery. In Bangladesh, Pepsi sponsors the Super Scoop shot of Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan. In our discussion we would analyze the total IMC campaign of Pepsi in Bangladesh for this super scoop shot.

In the TV commercial we see that Shakib is learning a game from a girl. The game is known as Kutkut in this region. In the story we see that the girl is teaching Mr. Shakib Al Hasan how to throw the stone in the right place. In the starting scenes the TVC shows Shakib Al Hasan has failed to throw the dice properly. This incident results into the girl’s annoyance. In the final scene the girl taught Shakib to bend in front and throw the stone hard measuring the distance properly. Mr. Shakib had thrown the stone properly. Then the girl handed a bottle of Pepsi and told him that use this trick in playing the shot in the world cup. So, what is the shot and what is the relevance between playing a cricket shot and throwing a stone? Here comes the best part. That is, SHakib Al Hasan threw the stone by bending himself in front. In cricket he has a special shot called super scoop, which is played by the same body movement. The message for the total TVC is Change The Game, and the sub message of Shakib’s ad is Shamne Jhuke Jore Pichone. The target audience of this ad is definitely the young people who love cricket and love Mr. Shakib Al Hasan. The ad hit the esteem need of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. The length of the TVC is 1 min 8 seconds. It is shown between the news time as well as the talk shows related to sports. Radio:

In the radio stations the ad does not broadcasted too much. If it is broadcasted it has no specific program. The message remains same in the Radio commercials as well. Print meadia:
In the press ads the advertisements are basically placed in the third page of the national dailies. Pepsi used to place it in the bottom part with covering the eighth columns. Among the national dailies the advertisement typically is given in Prothom-alo, Kaler Kantha and The Daily Star. Moreover, the ad is also placed in the sports page.

Pepsi has covered almost every important parts of the Dhaka city. It placed the billboards in the airport road, beside mohakhali...
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