Advertisement Analysis: Red Bull

Topics: Red Bull, Los Angeles Clippers, Energy drink Pages: 3 (1175 words) Published: November 13, 2013

There are many different advertisements out their in the world today. From buses and billboards to You Tube, Face book, and Twitter, they surround us and are scene every day. There are also so many different kinds of advertisements that are for cars, drinks, foods, restaurants, schools, sports, music, and etc. But the advertisements that gets my attention the most is Red Bull. The reason for that is because they have so much action in their commercials and so many different kinds of sports that you would never actually realize how hard it is. Red Bull also sponsors people’s favorite athletes that they are today like Rajon Rondo, Blake Griffin, and Ryan Sheckler. The commercials make you want to go out and buy a Red Bull.

From the video there is a lot of visual site seeing. To begin the video it shows the Great White Mountains full of snow and up so high in the air, while a man snowboards down the mountain so cleanly and while the snow goes up in the air and makes it look very interesting. Then it goes to the nice clean ocean when a man suffers throw the big giant waves and makes it look possible to do. After that it goes to the dessert where there is nothing around what so ever but a man practicing biking off the jumps that look hand made. Then it goes to a scene of a cliff and when the man looks down it goes miles and miles down of nothing and then he just dives off while doing tricks in the air for cliff diving. After that it goes to a X games scene where there is a huge crowed on there feet and then a pro motocross athlete does flips up in the air and lands them perfectly. It has the pro soccer Red Bull team, teams brake dancing, red bull airplanes flying in the air. Then goes to a clip of, Blake Griffin throwing it down playing basketball in California. It has people skydiving in the wild; to a person kayaking threw the narrow white rivers, to people throwing it up wake boarding in the air, and then to Ryan Sheckler skateboarding. Then the last...
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