Advertisement Analysis

Topics: Rhetoric, Boredom, Question Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: March 17, 2015
Advertisement Analysis

In the Dos Equis advertisement on the front page, the creator uses numerous techniques to make their drink seem to be the best of the best. This ad shows an older man in his seventies wearing luxurious clothes and smoking a cigar while being surrounded by two women who can’t seem to get their eyes off him. In front of him are two bottles of dos equis beer that are opened. The creator uses not only words but also colors and detail to mold their ad as being the best. Before even creating the ad, the creator had to still take into consideration the rhetorical triangle. In this case, the subject is a great-tasting beer, the audience are the buyers who are looking to purchase an alcohol and finally the speaker in this ad is the elderly man in the center or who the world knows him by, the most interesting man in the world. The ad appeals to ethos by using the “most interesting man in the world in it”. The man’s ethos is strong mainly due to his title that the world has given him. As being the most interesting in the world, he must keep that title even when choosing his alcohol choice. For pathos, it is not as strong as ethos, but his conviction his face truly shows it. The man’s face has a serious look in the commercial, but he is only trying to pick his beer of choice. Finally, for logos, this beer tastes good and looks satisfying. While looking at this ad you must observe and realize that this is no ordinary beer, it is a distinctive beer for costumers that can only “rock” the logo with two attractive chicks behind them. While all this may be true, the visual aspect of the ad heavily encourages the reader to continue reading. The white writing text stands out against the wood to produce it to be eye-grabbing effect. In addition, the text itself states, “The most INTERESTING MAN in the WORLD on BEING BORING—BEING BORING is a CHOICE THOSE MILD SALSAS and PLEATED KHAKIS DON’T BUY THEMSELVES. (Dos Equis advertisment)” It insists that you are...
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