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Amber Green
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Advertising is a very interesting topic because there are different ways that you can look at it. Advertising is a set of communications or activities used to influence and persuade consumers to adopt products and services. First, let me start off by defining advertising. The transfer of advertising attempts to transfer people’s feelings about one topic or product to another topic or product. When looking at advertising, try to look at it from a transfer point of view. According to Lina Trejos, a blogger for Rambo Marketing, she states that “Whenever I see a celebrity in an ad, all I focus on is the celebrity, not the product being advertised or even the ad message”. So if this is true about most consumers, is it true that companies are using celebrities to sell their products but, in today’s society, the transfer of advertisement through celebrities is overpowering the actual item being sold. An unknown author stated that “I will admit that when a celebrity gets a perfume named after her, I become curious to see how it smells. The celebrities with perfumes are often gorgeous and talented, so you would assume that the fragrances must smell just as glamorous and wonderful”. This is an example of how the consumer don’t care about the item being sold. They figure that just because a celebrity advertises it or has it, that they have to have it too; even if it is stinky perfume. Sometimes, they do. Other times, they smell like cheap dollar store cologne, which is more akin to cleaning products than to fragrances you would want to wear. There are different types of celebrity advertisements, Marketing Types, Celebrity Advertising, Celebrity Endorsements, Celebrity Celebrities, and Celebrity Spokesperson but the one that I am going to talk about is basic celebrity advertisement. According to Investor in an article entitled “Celebrity Advertisement” the article states that, “The use of celebrities, such as well-known athletes and entertainers, to endorse and promote products. Celebrity advertising attempts to associate a product with the money, popularity, fame, or appearance of the celebrity. The implied message is that purchasing the product will enable a consumer to become more like the celebrity.” There are a lot of people that disagree with that statement that celebrities are over powering the actual item being sold. People like Cynthia Myers. According to Cynthia Myers from hearts Newspapers, she states that “by using positive associations you already have in one area, the advertiser doesn’t have to start from scratch to create those same positive associations for its product” Myers goes against Trejos statement. She feels as if celebrity advertisement is a great thing. Well, let’s explore both sides. There are several reasons why companies use celebrities to advertise their products. One reason the advertising industry uses celebrities to sell their products is because consumers are more likely to pay attention to commercials when they see a familiar face. If consumers are watching a commercial or advertisement and they see one of your favorite celebrities or just a celebrity period they will pay more attention because you are familiar with that person. For example, when a commercial comes on I usually go to the bathroom, or go to the kitchen, or even change the channel, one particular day when one of my favorite television show went on commercial, I got up to go to the kitchen. In the process of me getting up a Beyoncé commercial came on television. I immediately sat down and continued watching television. If a regular person or non-celebrity was on that commercial I probably would have kept it moving to the kitchen. That goes to show you that if you see a celebrity on television you are more likely to pay attention. According to Rick Suttle “popular celebrities often work best because the naturally generate lots of attention” The strategy of...
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