Advert and Profit

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For any organization, staff or men power is the most valuable asset.. In the modern age where computers and information technology have brought revolutionary changes in the progress and performance, human resource factor's importance has become imperative. Many years ago large organizations had no separate department for staff matters and Personnel & Admin Department was doing the job. But recently, organizations consider the Human Resource Department (HRD) playing a major role in staffing, training and helping to manage people so that people and the organization are performing at maximum capability in a highly fulfilling manner. There are certain functions performed by Human Resources Department and some of the core functions are hereunder: Recruitments and Job Specifications

Hiring and firing are opposite faces of the coin and for an organization where expansion phase is in progress, there are always bright chances for induction of staff rather the deduction but even then sometimes the bitter pills are to be swallowed. Human Resource Department based on the on going expansion and vacant positions, invites applications and short list the best stuff for further process. A duty list for each key post is defined and kept to ascertain responsibilities at certain level. Preparing Manpower Budget and List of Backups at certain levels The well functioned HRD always plans for upcoming situations gap by analyzing the current market jobs since employees switching-over rate differs from sector to sector. The staff at HRD always gets ready to cop up and placement of substitutes whenever some gap occurs. For these purposes contingency plans are prepared and backups are assessed within the hierarchy already maintained. Performance Appraisal Reports and Awards for Performers

HR Department is responsible to form a defined system to assess unbiased appraisals at some specific period of time for award of increase in salary within parameters. Sometimes fixed increments are awarded, defining slabs for each level and rating. This very function is necessary to award the performers and promote best performers to maximize their performance level and to have better management within the organization. This is done individually for each staff. In certain cases adjustments or incentives are declared for best performers. Only a contented and motivated employee will deliver good work. HR Department keeps track of the expectations of the employees as well as of the organization to ensure both are met at once. Staff Trainings

In competitive environment organizations try to provide best of their services to capture market of certain product or service. In order to meet the market demand to provide efficient service with professional attitude, staff training is necessary and the HR Department ascertains the area required for training at different levels, sometimes by conducting staff survey at different departments and asking for suitable training needs. Based upon the survey information, staff trainings calendar is prepared and trainings are arranged. Service Rules & Acknowledgement 

HR Department ensures that certain service rules, as per policy, are published in certain form like staff hand book and to be delivered to each staff. It includes the nature of business or other activities a staff can perform while in service. In this respect certain undertakings may also be acknowledged from staff like ethics & business practices etc. The hand book may contain the information about entitlements with respect to certain issues including leave, fuel ceiling, other benefits etc. Maintaining Staff Database

Human Resource Department keeps updated staff information database, since it is responsible to cater any query pertaining to staff, including issuance of job offer letter, verification of credentials, verification of particulars provided by the staff,...
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