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Journal of Advertising
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Desperately Seeking Advertising Creativity: Engaging an Imaginative "3Ps" Research Agenda Sheila L. Sasser & Scott Koslow
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College of Business, Eastern Michigan University

Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand Version of record first published: 04 Mar 2013.

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Engaging an Imaginative “3Ps” Research Agenda
Sheila L. Sasser and Scott Koslow ABSTRACT: An overview and perspective of advertising creativity research is offered in a “3 Ps” (person, place, and process) framework to shape future research agendas. Emerging methodologies and tools are examined to enable a paradigm shift for academic researchers and emerging scholars seeking to stimulate new advertising creativity research initiatives. A discussion of key contributions, a literature review, and a classification table summarize various approaches to creativity. An introduction to research papers appearing in this special issue offers insights for scholars.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Lacking imagination, it would be impossible to envision the future, to explore ideas, or to engage creativity to push the edge of the research envelope. To ignite the flame of such a powerful global force as creativity, research must be imaginative, evocative, exciting, risky, and challenging. Predictable, halfhearted, lackluster, or mundane attempts at understanding advertising creativity neither excite the imagination nor fuel the progress needed to prompt a new paradigm of original creativity research. A true fire in the belly is needed to stick a toe in the creative cauldron of advertising creativity research today, as discussed in this special issue. Thankfully, many such extraordinary and emerging scholars have contributed to this very special issue by serving as authors, reviewers, advisors, editors, and cohorts in a passionate search for advertising creativity research. The evolutionary stage facing advertising creativity research today is what Kuhn (1962) called the route to normal science. This is characterized by the emergence of an area’s first major paradigm. Advertising creativity scholars are collectively developing new research methodologies and approaches, but workable frameworks have been challenging and sparse. This explains the highly interdisciplinary undulating nature of creativity research. It...

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