Adventures Unlimited

Topics: Project management, Management / Pages: 2 (431 words) / Published: Oct 28th, 2012
Djenane Jeanty
Project Management Context
Professor C. Lennon
Module I

To what extent does project management apply to Adventures Unlimited?
Let’s look at each tour as an individual project that has a beginning which is planning it and getting there; a middle which is getting there and enjoying the tour; and an end which is when the tour is over. Just as in project management the tour would have classic project phases, including a definition or selection phase, a planning phase, an execution phase, and a closing phase. Project management involves budgeting of resources, and their resources include their administrative staff and tour guides. A project must also be selected and so must the costs of each tour they consider undertaking be accurately anticipated. In addition, since their tours involve many details, using some of the project planning methods may be helpful to them. They must plan out the details of each tour because it would help them to avoid problems that they have had in the past, for instance, having missed a train connection in Blanco Puente.

What kind of training in project management should the Rodriguezes, the administrative staff, and tour guides receive to improve the operation of Adventures Unlimited? Try to identify major topics or skill sets that should be addressed.
Project planning training would allow them to effectively manage the many details of each of their tours. Training in developing work breakdown structures would help them in their efforts to ensure that the small staff effectively handles the details surrounding planning and executing each tour. Cost management training would definitely help them to effectively manage the price of each tour. In addition, they need to gain a clear sense of how each cost that they incur impacts the overall cost of each tour, throughout their operations, rather than after their taxes were prepared, as has been the case. Financial analysis training would aid them in

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