Adventures in Germany

Topics: German cuisine, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Pages: 4 (1633 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Adventures in Germany (Final Draft)
Carl Page
Mr. Tedrow
Germany is a country that has exquisite beauty as well as a vastly different culture, which has over the years made me a far richer individual. For every year since I was born, my family and I go on an extensive trip every year to Germany for three weeks to visit the mother’s side of my family. When I visit Germany, I stay with my grandma, who resides in Hanau. Hanau is a city comprised of 90,000 people, around 20 kilometers away from Frankfurt. We are always doing something when we are on these trips; there is never a minute that goes by where we aren’t doing anything. We are tirelessly exploring and enjoying ourselves, experiencing a culture entirely different from the one we are used to seeing the rest of the year. The highlight of our trips is when we for one week go to a new area of Germany or explore surrounding countries, such as Austria, France, and Switzerland. I have been to each and every corner of Germany. It seems as though I know the country like the back of my hand. I have made several wonderful friends throughout my time in Germany as well. To me, hanging out with my friends on my trip is one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences, not only because I get to have a break from seeing my parents, but mainly because I have the chance to examine vast cultural differences between the way American adolescents interact with one another from how the German adolescents do.

My grandma resides in the city of Hanau. It has a relatively laid back feel to it, mainly due to the population being absolutely filled with senior citizens. Senior citizens are abundant in the city of Hanau. Whenever one goes on the bus, you always overhear a conversation certain old people are having about what new aches and pains they are having, and which doctors are worth seeing or not. Even though Hanau has a vast amount of old people residing in it, it makes up for it by having a great city center. The city...
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