Advantages N Disadvantages of Computer

Topics: Internet, Personal computer, World Wide Web Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: July 24, 2013
`The present global age is the consequence of the computer age. A computer is an electronic device that stores and processes data, according to a list of instructions. It allows a user to manipulate data very easily. The speed of performance of a computer is incomparable. The computer and Internet have affected our way of learning, working, storing information, communicating, playing, and also writing. In fact, computers are used in every sphere of life today.

Advantages of Computers: Explained
Because of the several computer advantages, it has become an important household item. Be it office, home, or school, it has become an indispensable device for us. A computer operated by an individual without any specific computer operator is called a personal computer (PC). A PC can be a desktop or a laptop computer, and can be used at home or at office. As per the requirement of the user, software is installed in a PC. One can write more effectively by means of a computer. A computer allows the user to create documents, edit, print, and store them so that they can be retrieved later. • There are tools like spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and dictionary, installed in the computer. Thus, it takes less time to proofread a written document • Also, there is no need to open up a dictionary book to look for meanings of words. • Typing is much faster than writing on a paper.

• If there is a need for reorganizing the sentences or paragraphs, one can cut and paste and make the necessary changes.
Using a computer, one can remain connected to the world through the Internet. Internet is a network of computers that communicate via the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). • The World Wide Web (WWW) or simply web is a huge resource of information that can be accessed via the Internet.

• To mention a few of the resources, there are electronic mail (e-mail), file transferring and sharing, online chat, and gaming. The Internet allows people from around the world...
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