advantages n disadvantages

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Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages of smart phones
Smart phone has the ability to browse full websites with large amount of data and it will appear the same way as it is in the desktop browser. •Also has QWERTY keyboard which is similar to the computer keyboard. The key board can be hardware (physical keys that you type) or it can be software (on a touch screen like you will find on an IPhones). •Smart phones have got application that can help you create and edit Microsoft office documents. •Smart phone also has gps which can be used to locate place that are new to you. When traveling to unknown places it is a good idea to have a gps to help you find the place you’re looking for. Smart phones will help makes your tour navigable. •When it comes to messaging a smart phone will send messages and also email messages. A smart phone can synchronize your personal and most likely your professional email account. Some smart phone can support multiple accounts depending on the make and model. Disadvantages of smart phones

Smart phone not durable especially when not taken good care of. For example it can malfunction easily when they come into contact with water. •It is very expensive to buy compared to other phones.

More complex when it comes to operating because of the many applications which need to be mastered to avoid confusion when operating it. • can only work efficiently where there is accessible internet connection when it comes to browsing . Smart phone cannot be used to store large amount of data due to their storage memory. You cannot depends on smart phone for all your work you will all need a computer to do some tasks. Technology

reach a much larger audience from greater geographic locations •help disabled and geographically isolated students
help students with busy schedules, freedom to work at home on their own time •decrease overcrowded classrooms
offer more classes at peak demand times of day and...
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