Advantages of a Parliamentary System

Topics: Human, Celebrity, Thought Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Does a celebrity have a responsibility to be a good role model? Think about it for a sec.
My initial thought was no, they just happen to be famous for being them, and they should do what they please because it’s their life and it’s who they are. How people choose to be influenced is their decision and they should deal with the consequences. But then…I thought about it some more. I thought about where I am, what I do, and if I feel like I have a responsibility to be a good role model to you guys. And the answer for me is clear. YES. I am responsible for my actions. I create free workout videos, meal plans, calendars, and cooking shows for you because it satisfies me to know you’re finding your healthier self. I am beyond thankful that you actually use these tools. I am overly grateful for the friendships and the POPster community that has grown out of our commonality for wanting to get fit. I care about you so much because you made Blogilates what it is. You make me smile every single day. You know, people who are famous hold a lot of power. And with power comes the ability to change people, events, and history. Celebrities are leaders who have an army of fans that will back them up, dress like them, act like them, and at the deepest level, wanna be like them. When I was at the Taylor Swift concert a few days ago, I noticed all the girls were dressed like Taylor! A lot were blonde and had a very thin frame too. It was quite interesting to notice. To say a celebrity is not responsible for his or her actions is saying that as human beings, our lives aren’t all somehow connected. We live as families, in communities, in neighborhoods, in cities, and states, and nations that all thrive off of one another. We are all linked together because we need one another to help each other. The trust that we have between each other is the most valuable currency we can exchange. We trust that that car won’t just run us over when we cross the street. We trust that the food we eat...
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