Advantages of Working Women

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Should women work outside home
Fatima Moussawi

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Today we live in a world when everything is happening and changing at a rapid phase. Our wants have become so complicated that most of us feel, doing one job is not sufficient. In this situation , women should have to work with men by shoulder to shoulder. But the humanity has evolved in a male-centered, patriarchal society;men were always the main suppliers of food and money, and women were always the ones who had a duty to look after the fire and children. That means that females were dependent on men financially and lost their financial support as a consequence separation, divorce, death or their partner’s loss of employment.They state that work is harmful for female’s health, family life, and that women are in general worse workers. Or there are two different points of view about women working.

Women working 3

Women may be important, powerful, and influential, but it seems that, relative to men of their age and social status, women everywhere lack generally recognized and culturally valued authority. Body:

A. It is perhaps a known fact that earlier the womens were not given more prominence and were not exposed to the outer world. But today due to the rapid increase in the technology the scenario has changed completely. Women have been empowered today.  a. They can make friendships in their working area and enjoy their time. b. They get to help their community by working for their government and country to become more successful. c. They get money of...
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