Advantages of Using Computers

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Advantages of Using Computers
Computers obviously wouldn’t be as popular as they are
now if they did not offer advantages over doing tasks
manually. Some of these advantages are:
Computers can perform calculations much more
quickly and accurately than humans. For example,
modern computers can perform hundreds of millions
of calculations per second.
Large amounts of data can be stored in a small
amount of space. For example, hundreds of pages
worth of text can be stored on a 31⁄2inch floppy disk.
Computers can work continuously and perform
repetitive tasks well. Unlike their human counterparts,
computers do not get bored or tired.
Cambridge University Press
978-0-521-69700-2 - Information Technology for CSEC, Second Edition Kelvin Skeete and Kyle Skeete

Information system has been with us for a long time, may be as the history of man him self. Then pencil and the clerk dominated the period around 1955. By today standard, data processing was very rudimentary for most organizations because i t was limited to only accounting system, payrolls etc to operate business for ex ample, order processing and invoicing but computer come along with changes.

We are now moving to a time where access to the information can be made nationwi de upon “online real time wide area network “through our knowledge modern computers and communication method have opened up new information technologies. Computer has immensely aided in banking industry or baking sector in the areas o f managerial position, sales department and other various department in the bank . The use of programmed decision making offers several important advantages to t he firm, since the computer is potentially capable of making better programmed d ecision than the human user.

One of the most existing things about the information and retrieving is that the y are used oriented. In other word the ideal of...
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