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Advantages of Self-Directed Behavior Strategy over a Teacher-Directed Behavior Strategy

By clambert10 Dec 05, 2013 384 Words
Discuss three advantages of using a self-directed behavior strategy rather than using a teacher-directed behavior one. Self-regulation strategies reduce disruptive problems in the classroom by encouraging students to manage their own behavior. Such strategies provide teachers with time to work with small groups or one-on-one with students who require extra instruction. They also increase teachers' appreciation for students who are able to self-regulate their behavior.

Give two examples of behaviors for which self-regulation would be an appropriate choice for a teacher to use. Explain why they are appropriate. An enthusiastic student who constantly raises his hand - In order for the teacher to reduce the number of times the student raises his hand, self-regulation can be used as the student is able to control his behavior, it is easily observed, the student has the necessary skills and the problem behavior occurs frequently. A student who stares out the window and daydreams instead of listening to the teacher - She is able to control the behavior, is it easily observed, she has the necessary skills and the off-task problem behavior occurs frequently.

Give two examples of behaviors for which self-regulation would NOT be an appropriate choice for a teacher to use. Explain why they are not appropriate. A student who gets into a fight every day at school is not a good candidate for self-regulation because the student's behavior is impulsive or out-of-control. Also, it does not occur frequently during a given time period. A student who throws his books in anger or who stomps out of the room yelling would NOT be an appropriate candidate for self-regulation because the student's behavior is impulsive and emotionally driven. It is also not a behavior that occurs numerous times in a short period of time.

Discuss the advantages of each of the four strategies highlighted in this module. Students may transfer the skills they have gained using self-regulation into other areas of their lives. Self-regulation can be empowering for students and can facilitate changes in their behavior. These strategies are successful with students who have learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral disabilities or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. These strategies are more successful in a classroom that is ordered and without chaos. Students should be taught that the classroom environment affects their behavior and influences performance.

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