Advantages of Retaining Forst Reserve in Cities

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Running head: Advantages of retaining forest reserve

Advantages of Retaining Forest Reserve in Cities

International Islamic University Malaysia

The research paper argues about the issue of development at Air Hitam forest reserve near Puchong. The arguments will elaborate about why forest reserve should be retained in cities to suit the current issue relating to this problem. This research was conducted through library research by using newspaper, journal, and internet articles. It has been found that the forest should be retained in order to maintain the symbiosis between humans and plants. Moreover, the ecosystem structure of life in the forest should be preserved continuously. Furthermore, by retaining the forest reserve it can reduce global warming or the earth. Overall, it is recommended that more forest reserve should be retained by considering how much people depending on nature as a source of life.

Table of contents

i. Introduction
ii. Argument 1
iii. Argument 2
iv. Counter argument
v. Refutation
vi. Conclusion


According to Adzobu, D. (1990):
Forest reserve is an area under state control for the exclusive protection of floral and faunal resources and any of conflicting activities or land uses are prohibited including any form of fishing, any development related to forestry, agriculture or mining, grazing, excavation, prospecting, drilling, leveling off the ground or construction or vegetational character, any form of pollution, and any act which harms or disturbs the flora and fauna including the introduction of indigenous or imported wild or domesticated zoological or botanical species (p.108).

In February 2009, 1,217ha of land at Air Hitam near Puchong been gazette by the Selangor government as a forest reserve and as an education and research forest and under the jurisdiction of the Selangor Forestry Department. The forest is on an 80-year lease from 1996 as research area for Faculty of Science Universiti Putra Malaysia. However recently, the state government claims has plans to develop the hill slope in Air Hitam Forest Reserve in Puchong as claimed by certain quarters. They claims that the state government had by-passed the residents and given the go ahead for the hill slope in the forest reserve to be developed. The community has been protesting the plan to develop the area because that place is the past piece of green lung available in that area under the purview of Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya.

Traditional roles of forests include the production of timber and non-timber resources as well as for providing water. These include the use of forests as resources for education and recreation, and also the role of forests in conservation of biological diversity as well as in maintaining global climate. Mr.Cheong Ek Choon, Director of Forests, said that apart from its importance to the economy of the State, forestry affects the people in one way or another. Our tropical rainforest is an invaluable resource, and the Forest Department is committed to sustainably manage and develop this resource and optimize its contribution to the socio-economic development of the nation. In considering the role of the Air Hitam Forest Reserve we should look at some of the interesting statistics of the forest within the areas and what roles they could possibly play. It should be sustainable for protection of ‘big’ wildlife; suitability for other forms of biodiversity small animals such as insects and other invertebrates, and plants such as herbs and shrubs and microscopic plants and fungi as well as ferns and perhaps secondary forest species, and suitability as a water catchment or watershed.

Even nowadays many forests has been or will be cut down for development purposes and timber resources demand, people still think about the future condition and future generation; will they have any forest left? However,...

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