Advantages of Night Shift Duty Nurses

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advantages OF NIGHT shift duty NURSES

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Chapter 1

Working nights is a challenge for most nursing staff especially when one has to work for 4-5 nights in a row. Some nights are easy and some nights are chaotic. The nursing activities at night are slightly different in some areas such as in Mother-Baby Unit because most new mothers are healthy and they need more rest period. However, think about the trauma that comes in the emergency room every night and face non - stop excitement, drama, and stress. Or in the intensive care unit where one has to deal with codes after codes or ventilator intermittently beeping one patient after the other. All these situations can cause physical and emotional stress especially when working on the night shift. Stress however, helps us retain more information; it is a catalyst to learning. This brings us to experience being an effective form of learning. Experience is how life is lived; it is how individuals adapt in the world. In the nursing profession, experience is the best way to learn and one of those experiences includes night duty. For most people who have daily activities and chores, nighttime isn’t really conducive for learning. As healthcare providers, nurses become an integral part to the recuperation process by focusing on the primary and basic aspects that interact with the client. Night time isn’t really an interactive time of the day; it’s more the resting period for clients. One factor that most healthcare professionals neglect is sleep. And it is well known that suffering from sleep difficulties is bad for the body. It may cause the body clock to be out of sync and disturb the normal sleeping pattern. Fatigue is most often a symptom of lack of enough sleep, others may experience headache, clumsiness, irritability, muscle pain, depression, hallucinations, hand tremors, drowsiness, and overall lesser brain function to name a few. Although there are benefits in contrast to these, such as more income. The National Health Service Employers website, a body that represents national health workers in the United Kingdom, highlights one key benefit for night shift workers: higher earnings for employers. Due to the disruptive nature of night shift work, employers will often pay staff more for working these unsociable hours. Night shift workers often work alone or alongside a skeleton staff. Being able to work without a boss constantly monitoring every move gives a greater sense of freedom and independence. A common factor that becomes a source of stress is distractions. Working at night is a good way to avoid distractions that keep an employee from getting their done. "One of the biggest advantages to becoming a night shift nurse is working in a calmer environment," says the MD Health Network website. The same is often true for other types of night shift work. Fewer clients and fewer phone calls and interruptions mean it is easier get work done quickly and calmly. “Promotional opportunities arise from night shift duty since there are fewer people to compete against”, says Anthony Grahame (2011), in an article for If one becomes accustomed to working the night shift people may find greater opportunities for advancement. The normal “Circadian rhythm” or the internal body clock tells the body when to sleep during the night and when to rise during the day. If the internal body clock is disturbed, the person may tend to be wide awake when they are supposed to be sleeping and they tend to get sleepy at the wrong time of the day. According to the Health and Safety Executive (2010), tired workers will be less alert, find it less easy to...
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