Advantages of Living with Paents in College

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Advantages of Living with Parents in College

When we see graduation caps in the sky, accompanied with laughter, applause and cry, it is a signal that we just welcome ourselves to the new world after high school. As we step into a college world as a new and fresh collegian, there are many facets that we have to think and decide, especially accommodation. Some people choose to live in the college dorms – making new friends and having more social activities, some other choose to share a house with couple of housemates, or just simply rent a flat and live independently. But, there are some that just decide to stay in town and live with their family. This last choice has three main advantages that we can consider: expense, support, and facilities.

The first basic advantage of living with family, or parents, is expense. Imagine hearing your door knocked in the morning, and facing your landlord who demands your rent paid as the start of the day? Or when you can’t dial any number in the phone because you haven’t paid the telephone bill? And, the worst, when you don’t even have enough money to buy yourself breakfast because your parents haven’t sent you any monthly money? Well, you won’t have that drove of problems when you live with your parents. Expenses like food (especially healthy and delicious food), telephone, electricity, and many other will be covered by your parents, so that you can still save your own personal money. You don’t even have to pay more for movies or other leisure things when you hang out with your family. This first aspect of living with family is very, very efficient and helpful to save money!

Another important facet of living with your parents is support. Being with family and living in your own home help you a lot when you have your transition phase from high school or college. It would be easier not to face other transition major adaptations, like being lonely in your own room, feeling aloof from family, meeting new hostile roommate who...
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