Advantages of Living in America

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Living in the United States has Advantages over living in my country

America- A country of Immigrants. Many people from all over the world come to the United Stats to turn their Wheel of Fortune.

Like all of them, I also came to the U.S, 6 months ago and I noticed that We can have access to Employment opportunities, which respect the worker’s rights. So in the U.S We can make more money than everywhere else in the world. Because of that our financial growth can increase very fast and We can also improve out standard of living in comparison of My country. By working in the U.S. We can also improve our skills and competences for the working development.

U.S. is called a land of opportunities. It has very huge land and 50 states to prove your self. So I can have possibility of choosing among 50 states with the most adequate climate to live in, which is most important thing to live a great and joyful life. I also noticed that in the U.S., After some certain time I can also get social security and many medical benefits, which is almost next to impossible in my country because of more population and less National Property. So it is a great blessing in the U.S. for people who do not have job after some certain age. Because of this money by Government, they can survive.

I find people in America to be very friendly and welcoming. I never feel uncomfortable if I find that I need help with something. In the U.S. I can meet people from all over the world, so we can learn about different cultures and different languages. I also felt more freedom in the American culture over my culture, which is most important factor in society. I also noticed that the U.S. is the best place to socialize. New York City is perfect for night out with friends.

In coming to America , I was attracted by the technology here. One thing caught my eyes was the EZ pass toll. The speed of this and the other technological Advancements was amazing to me, because there is none of them like that

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